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Προϊόντα HIAB

Προϊόντα HIAB - High Capacity Range


The HIAB XS 477 is a powerful solution for efficient load handling. An outreach of over 21 metres, 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 metres stabilizer span options, and intelligent electronics provide you with a crane second to none.

The model is available with two different boom systems, either extending your capabilities of reaching higher up and further out. Choose either our regular boom system with up to 8 extensions, or, if your needs include handling big, bulky loads at close quarters consider opting for the P-boom system, available with up to 5 extensions.

To enhance lifting performance the crane is equipped with a powerful E-link system, retaining maximum lifting capacity when working with a straight boom system or when handling of loads close to the column.The HIAB XS 477 is delivered with a CLX (non EU markets), Duo, HiDuo or HiPro control system.


This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

Technical info EP-5 DuoEP-5 HiDuoE-6 HiProE-8 HiPro
Max lifting capacity 376 kNm398 kNm401 kNm390 kNm
Outreach - hydraulic extensions 15.4 m15.4 m16.5 m20.8 m
Outreach - manual extensions   20.2 m23.0 m
Outreach - jib   25.9 m 
Outreach / lifting capacity 3.1 m / 12000 kg3.3 m / 12000 kg3.3 m / 12000 kg3.2 m / 12000 kg
  15.4 m / 2240 kg15.4 m / 2380 kg16.5 m / 2080 kg20.8 m / 1380 kg
    25.8 m / 580 kg 
Outreach / lifting capacity, with jib   19.2 m / 880 kg 
Slewing angle 400°400°400°400°
Height in folded position 2503 mm2503 mm2404 mm2490 mm
Width in folded position 2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm
Installation space needed 1471 mm1471 mm1493 mm1493 mm
Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers 4390 kg4430 kg4590 kg4890 kg
Weight - stabilizer equipment 630 - 840 kg630 - 840 kg630 - 840 kg630 - 840 kg
Weight - jib   1100 kg