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Προϊόντα HIAB

Προϊόντα HIAB - High Capacity Range


The HIAB XS 322 sets a new level of standard in its capacity class. It gives your business the best possible performance in terms of reach, lifting capability and low-weight construction. The crane is constructed to withstand high stress tasks, and a long working life. Large slidepads decrease wear on the boom system, and JIC couplings make the servicing time of the crane shorter.

The HIAB XS 322 is controlled via manual levers or remote control, as it can be delivered with either of the CLX (non EU markets), CL, Duo, HiDuo or HiPro control system.


This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

Technical info EP-2 HiProEP-5 HiProE-6 HiProE-8 HiPro
Max lifting capacity 309 kNm293 kNm284 kNm275 kNm
Outreach - hydraulic extensions 8.0 m15.1 m16.2 m21.0 m
Outreach - manual extensions 12.7 m17.5 m20.1 m22.6 m
Outreach - jib   26.3 m 
Outreach / lifting capacity 3.0 m / 10000 kg2.9 m / 10000 kg3.1 m / 9100 kg3.1 m / 8800 kg
  7.9 m / 4000 kg15.0 m / 1720 kg16.1 m / 1420 kg20.9 m / 840 kg
    26.1 m / 320 kg 
Outreach / lifting capacity, with jib   19.2 m / 510 kg 
Slewing angle 420°420°420°420°
Height in folded position 2380 mm2380 mm2380 mm2380 mm
Width in folded position 2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm
Installation space needed 1120 mm1240 mm1230 mm1260 mm
Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers 2970 kg3540 kg3780 kg4070 kg
Weight - stabilizer equipment 505 - 585 kg505 - 585 kg505 - 585 kg505 585 kg
Weight - jib   760 kg