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Προϊόντα HIAB

HIAB 180 Roller
Προϊόντα HIAB - Mid Capacity Range


The HIAB 180 R is available with the high performance HIAB Valve 91 as an option. This valve improves load cycle speeds as it can handle very high oil through put. The HIAB 180 R can carry loads in excess of 1500 kg more than 10 metres out.

As an option the crane can be controlled using the HIAB CombiDrive remote control unit, enabling you to always position yourself at the best possible location when working.


This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

Technical info 180 R F-2180 R F-3180 R F-4180 R F-5
Max lifting capacity 182 kNm177 kNm172 kNm169 kNm
Outreach - hydraulic extensions 6.8 m8.6 m10.4 m12.4 m
Outreach / lifting capacity 3.3 m / 5450 kg3.3 m / 5200 kg3.4 m / 5000 kg3.6 m / 4700 kg
  6.5 m / 2750 kg8.2 m / 2050 kg10.0 m / 1550 kg11.9 m / 1240 kg
Slewing angle 406°406°406°406°
Height in folded position 2190 mm2190 mm2190 mm2190 mm
Height with horizontal boom 2440 mm2440 mm2440 mm2440 mm
Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers 3870 kg4095 kg4295 kg4470 kg
Roller driving speed 0 - 0.7 m/s0 - 0.7 m/s0 - 0.7 m/s0 - 0.7 m/s