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Προϊόντα HIAB

Προϊόντα HIAB - Mid Capacity Range


The HIAB XS 133 K is designed specifically with the builders merchant in mind. This compact, powerful, go-anywhere truck mounted crane offers you unbeatable costeffectiveness and flexibility in materials handling.

The 3 metre inner boom, K-boom system, combined with an outer boom link, gives you outstanding close-in performance, perfect for working in confined or awkward spaces. At full outreach the boom system extends to almost 10 metres. The HIAB XS 133 K incorporates the very latest XS Pro control system.


This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

Technical info K-2 CLK-2 Pro
Max lifting capacity 120 kNm140 kNm
Outreach - hydraulic extensions 9.75 m9.75 m
Outreach / lifting capacity 3.7 m / 3250 kg3.7 m / 3700 kg
  9.6 m / 1220 kg9.6 m / 1440 kg
Slewing angle 415°415°
Height with horizontal boom 2390 mm2390 mm
Installation space needed 770 mm770 mm
Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers 1970 kg1970 kg
Weight - stabilizer equipment 270 - 340 kg270 - 340 kg