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Προϊόντα HIAB

Προϊόντα HIAB - Mid Capacity Range


The loading and unloading of heavy building materials is all about great reach, and load cycle speed. The HIAB XS 122 L has an impressive close-in lifting height of over three metres, and quickly moves out to maximum outreach. The crane proves its worth by combining the HIAB Valve 80, a three metre long first boom, and a short second boom.

The crane is controlled from a high seat, control platform, or via controls positioned at the base of the crane, all according to your needs. The SPACE 3000 intelligence system provides the HIAB XS 122 L with safety and productivity features.

The crane is available with the CL, Duo or HiDuo control system.


This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

Technical info DLS-2 DuoDLS-3 DuoDLS-4 DuoDLS-5 Duo
Max lifting capacity 117 kNm112 kNm109 kNm105 kNm
Outreach - hydraulic extensions 8.8 m10.9 m13.1 m15.5 m
Outreach / lifting capacity 3.0 m / 3950 kg3.1 m / 3700 kg3.1 m / 3550 kg3.1 m / 4600 kg
  8.6 m / 1340 kg10.7 m / 960 kg13.0 m / 700 kg15.3 m / 500 kg
Slewing angle 415°415°415°415°
Height with horizontal boom 2363 mm2363 mm2504 mm2504 mm
Installation space needed 820 mm820 mm820 mm820 mm
Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers 1630 kg1750 kg1850 kg1940 kg
Weight - stabilizer equipment 255 - 385 kg255 - 385 kg255 - 385 kg255 - 385 kg
Weight - high seat 100 kg100 kg100 kg100 kg